George Woods Inro Trial

The George woods introductory trial was run on the weekend where myself and Daryl (King) decided to give the re-modeled MR2 a bit of a test. There were 7 stages most of them mapped with a few tricks in there which Daryl with the experience of Paul and Troy sorted out. Darkness fell in Powelltown and it was time to head into the forest. We were having a blast and letting the back of the car hang out until, about 5km into the first stage where we had to fix a leaking a coolant issue. But we got it back going and finished stage 1.  ‘Was that fix on the hose alright?’ I asked. I received a tentative answer.  Stage 2 is where Daryl started to relax a bit and get into the flow and even had a bit of a laugh. My driving style could best be described as cautiously erratic.MR2 George Woods

Back at service we sorted the cooling system.  We were lucky enough to get a dust gap for the next stage because the car in front of us broke a clutch on the starting line. (note to self: use handbrake for hill start).  By the end of the night we had apparently set a fastest time on one of the stages, found out that sideways=awesome/scary, passed a Datsun, had a close encounter with a parked car and “kissed” an embankment. Not bad for a first time navigator, thanks Daryl and a re-modeled MR2.

In all it was a great night out in the forest.

Chris Barrett.

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